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Re: [EK] Re: Kazoo Crazy!!

Poster: "Susan J. Evans" <woofie@gte.net>

>>So, what I'm looking for is period instruments that don't involve
>>fingering, things that can be played simply by ear.
Well, there's a few choices, and some of them will be irritating as all get-out:
  The rommelpot - a type of friction drum - a pot or jug with a membrane
(such as pig bladder stretched over it).  A stick is inserted through the
middle of the membrane.  and is rubbed with moistened fingers - depicted in
art by Hals and Molenaer.
  Chime bells
  Glasses of water used as bells - (woodcut from Theorica Musica in 1492)
  Castenets, clappers and rattles
  Jaw harp
  I also recall reading something about musical saws - maybe in Lark in the
Morning catalog.
  Wouldn't a concert from a musical saw, jaw harp and water glass group be
fun?  Hee, hee, hee.


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