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el gato

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Her Tritonship, Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill wrote, in part:
> Inigo de Gato de Navarre - new name and device
>         Per pale argent and sable, on a bend sinister three crosses couped,
> pierced, counterchanged - I am returning the name because it does not fit
> any Spanish naming pattern of which I am aware.  In particular, the phrase
> "de Gato" does not make sense, either in Spanish or as an English
> translation ("of the cat").  It has been suggested that Inigo Delgado de
> Navarre would be registerable, but we have not been able to document
> Delgado.  Dom Pedro refuses to be bowed and may come up with something yet!
> Inigo de Navarre would be most excellent.

Actually "de Gato" means "of cat".  For "of the cat" you need
"del gato".  "Delgado" means "slender".

This reminded me of a song that I learned in Music Class in elementary
school.  I remembered that it started like this:

  El señor Don Gato was a cat
  On a high, red roof Don Gato sat.

I also remembered that I learned the term "solar plexus" from the

I searched for the words on the Matriz Muy Mundial, and found a
site (http://www.netaxs.com/~karl/dongato.html) that contains not
only the full lyrics but also the sheet music!  It also claims
that the story of Don Gato dates back to medieval Spain!

-- el señor Don Alfredo
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