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Fair Atlantia on TV!

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

Sometime next week (Tuesday at 8:00 PM for the Windmasters' Hill
area, I don't know when elsewhere) PBS will broadcast a show entitled,
"The Kingdom of the Seahorse".  What can that mean but Atlantia?

-- Alfredo
Nalles aefter lyfte  lacende hwearf|No more will it fly  through the sky
middelnihtum,  mathmaehta wlonc    |In mid-night,  wlonk of the sight
ansyn ywde;  ac he eorthan gefeoll |of gold it stashed;  to earth it crashed
for thaes hildfruman  hondgeweorce.|by that warrior-king's  handworking.

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