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FW: [Mid] William Blackfox update

Poster: Louise Sugar <dragonfyr@tycho.com>


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Subject:	[Mid] William Blackfox update

Forwarded by request . . .

>	An update was promised. Please post to the Rialto, AnsteorraNet,
>FurryNet and any other which has an interest. Here it is: The charities
>to which donations can be made are as follows:
>	For the SCA/Black Star-make checks out to "SCA Inc., Kingdom of
>Ansteorra. In the memo, write "Black Star". Mail checks to:
>				Bill and Camille Higdon
>				3634 S. 107th E. Ave.
>				Tulsa,  OK  74146
>These people are Baron and Baroness Northkeep and have pledged to see
>that the checks get safely to the Kingdom Exchequer.
>The Celtic Heritage Society: Make checks payable to The Celtic Heritage
>Society and mail to:		The Celtic Heritage Society
>				P.O. Box 580515
>				Tulsa,  OK  74158-0515
>Any other charitible contribution in William's name is also fine.
>William's generous heart was not limited in scope.
>The SCA has been asked to attend in full garb to honor William.  Mundane
>dress is also fine; wear what makes you comfortable.
>Attendees are invited to speak at the service, recalling a memory of
>William to share or a bardic piece composed in his honor.  We are expec-
>ting a huge turnout, so please keep your selection brief and please un-
>derstand if we can't get to everyone. It won't be your only opportunity-
>many wakes and ceremonies are planned in the coming weeks and month, to
>say nothing of the tribute pages on which your memories and poems et al.
>can be shared.
>Again, please call those not online and share this knowledge.  Thank
>					Baroness Catrin ferch Gwilym
>					mka Catherine Lackey
>					Lord Anton Rukh
>					mka Anthony Lackey

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