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Re: All Things Scottish

Poster: Tom Rettie <tom@his.com>

Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net> wrote:

>possibly a skean dubh
>(that's the dagger that tucks into the stockings, but I really don't know
>how far back this knife can be documented and so can't attest to it being
>within our period), and a sword. I know, you're first inclination will be
>to go with a claidheamhore (that's claymore for you who don't read Gaelic
>;-), but there are two things you need to know;

Good my lord,

As far as I can determine, the scian dhu is an 18th century thing.
Assuming we're talking the late 16th century (if he's wearing a
breacan-feile), he'd be more likely to carry a dirk, a triangular-bladed
dagger with a disk-shaped pommel.

The basket-hilted sword is about as documentably period as the
breacan-feile itself (that is, just marginally so).  Basket hilts were in
use by the mid-16th century (one was recovered from the Mary Rose), and
I've come across some references to it being either a Scottish or French
style.  Probably not appropriate for a highlander though, who would
probably not be so stylish at that point in time.

Your servant,


Tom Rettie                                         tom@his.com
Heather Bryden                                 bryden@hers.com

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