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Re: Equestrian Information

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Julien de Montfort wrote:

>Our local group has been aproached by the local Equestrian Society,
>with a decided interest in possibly getting involved.  However, I've
>so far been unsuccessful in locating anything on Atlantian Equestrian
>Information or, for that matter, SCA Equestrian info.

There should probably be some information on the SCA marshal's page.  
Also, the East Kingdom has an active Equestrian Guild.

Atlantia, to the best of my knowledge, has no organized equestrian 
activity at all.  When I plowed through all the red tape to have ponies 
at Emerald Joust 1996, there was little precedent for horses at events 

My housemate, Lady Ana Ilevna, is interested in an Equestrian guild 
being started in Atlantia, and has spoken with other horse enthusiasts 
who are also interested.  But AFAIK, there is nothing official or 

We are in the middle of moving from Caer Mear to Bright Hills and until 
I buy a house and we move into it, she won't be able to devote energy to 

I think the procedure is for the Earl Marshal of Atlantia, and the King 
and Queen to agree that an Equestrian Marshal is a Good Thing (tm), 
appoint one, have that person acquire the equestrian regulations from 
the SCA equestrian marshal (regulations just approved at the last BoD 
meeting) and begin implementing them.

The last time I looked at the draft equestrian regulations, they were 
idiotic.  Requiring, amongst other things, that to maintain one's status 
as an equestrian Marshal, one had to attend the last two equestrian 
events on one's kingdom.  Meaning that one had to attend EVERY 
equestrian event in one's kingdom.

That was back at 3YC in '96.  I trust that particular requirement was 
changed for the final regulations.

There is an SCA equestrian mailing list.  I don't have the address but 
information should be somewhere at "www.sca.org".

If you're interested in general medieval horsey information, The 
Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia, based in Maryland, also has a horse 

Lady Ana's e-mail address, which she checks sporadically, is 


   - Anarra Karlsdottir

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