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Re: Greetings all, I humbly request your assistance

Poster: "Joyce A. Baldwin" <jocetta@ibm.net>

You're not by any chance a lawyer, are you?  "The party of the second part,
herinafter referred to as the second party, said party agreeing to...."
etc. ad infinitum!

Can't help you as to Tir-y-Don - I live in NC (Windmaster's Hill).
Good luck in your move.

Lady Jocetta Thrushleigh

At 06:35 PM 10/17/97 CDT, you wrote:

>Poster: "Porter, Timothy W." <Porter@alhrm.brooks.af.mil>
>I'm sending out this message in the hope that some kind lady or gentle will 
>take pity on a wanderer and reply with assistance or possibly just a warm 
>smile and some pleasant conversation (not to say that unpleasant 
>conversation isn't appreciated, but it would seem rather rude since we don't 
>really know each other).  I do not imply that those out there who do not 
>respond with one of the aforementioned requests (assistance, smile, ...) 
>aren't also kind ladies or gentles.  I'm sure they are and I do apologize if 
>any offense is taken.  I simply ask that, of all the kind ladies and gentles 
>who may read this, some of them may respond.
>This discussion has gone some time now without formal introduction, so I 
>will endeavor to correct this error.  I, that is to say the one writing this 
>message, am Cedric Guy Ramsey of Bjornsborg, Ansteorra.  About a year ago, I 
>found myself in the barony and kingdom I have had the pleasure of already 
>mentioning.  That day, the one over a year ago of which I have already 
>spoken, began a rather interesting tale, although I will refrain from 
>relating its rather lengthy, although exciting, history , which has 
>culminated in the writing of this correspondence (the one you are currently 
>reading) to the above mentioned ladies and gentles, that is to say the ones 
>who may find themselves reading it.
>A little more than three months hence, that being sometime at the end of 
>January, I will be leaving Bjornsborg, my current residence and traveling to 
>Tir-y-Don (it is a grand thing that you do not need to know how to pronounce 
>a word to communicate it in writing).  This travel will take longer than 3 
>days but certainly not more than 7.  However, this travel is not the 
>substance of this message, indeed I must emphasize that my main purpose is 
>to address the circumstances surrounding my arrival in Atlantia and then 
>further into Tir-y-Don.  Upon such arrival, I will establish some residence 
>and begin conduct life on a semi-permanent basis.  The length of which is as 
>yet undetermined, but certainly well over a year and possibly as many as 3. 
> However, I will find myself in a new barony in a new kingdom with no 
>friends (and no enemies either, not to say that I have many now, but it is 
>not nice to be in a place where one has no enemies at all) and in fact not 
>even a contact who may be able to guide me into the new community. 
> Certainly I could address these concerns to the local officials, those 
>being your local officials or those officials local to Tir-y-Don not my 
>local officials who may not be able to help me and in fact may be rather hot 
>to learn that I will be leaving their own local area.  And in fact I will 
>address these concerns to the local officials, again, those being the same 
>local officials as I have just explained.  However, such business like and 
>formal procedures are not always sufficient to make one feel accepted and 
>truly apart.  I therefore find myself in the Merry Rose trying to establish 
>some friendship or even acquaintance that may serve to help guide my 
>progress into your community.  And possibly even establish some degree of 
>comradery or companionship, I dare say maybe even a friendship, before I 
>even arrive.
>This being the end of the letter of which you have been a most diligent 
>reader, it is time for me to again state the primary business for which I 
>find myself writing.  That business, as was stated originally at the 
>beginning of this message and then several times between then and now, is to 
>seek assistance, a warm smile and pleasant conversation..
>Yours truly in all things,
>Cedric Guy Ramsey
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