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Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

I tried this last week, but I never saw it on the list.  If any of you are
getting this twice, I apologise.  I am trying to contact Baron Bran
Treffonnen.  I have been trying (unsucessfully) for a while to contact him
via phone and e-mail.  So, Bran, if you are reading this, please contact
me directly.  And if anyone on this list has a correct phone number for
Bran, or talks to him regularly, please let him know I need to speak to
him.  Thanks.  My contact info is in the Acorn.
Eogan Og Mac Labruinn

           "I brought ye to the ring.  Now dance best ye can."
   Matthew Allen Newsome            |	    Lard Eogan Og Mac Labruinn
   acting curator/consultant	    |       Atlantian Royal Bard
   Scottish Tartans Museum          |	    Chronicler, MSoB
   & Heritage Center	    	    |	    (Militant Society of Bards)
   http://intertekweb.com/tartans/  |	    Clan Og, SCA
   <tartans@dnet.net>               |       "IT'S ONLY A GAME!"
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