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Fwd: Laurel Acceptances and Returns for October

Poster: Lordgaelan@aol.com

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Subj:    Re: Laurel Acceptances and Returns for October
Date:    97-10-23 22:01:51 EDT
From:    Lordgaelan
To:      julien@spiaggia.org

In a message dated 97-10-23 17:26:11 EDT, you write:

I wrote:
 > Please explain how a device with a PURPLE and white field can have charges
 > that are counterchanged white and BLACK.
<< Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

 IIRC, in this case, the counterchanged refers to the the charge having
 differnet colored areas depending on what part of the field it is
 overlaying, as opposed to usuing the exact opposite colors.
 So in this case, a charge over the purple part of the field is colored
 white, and the parts of the charge overlaying the white parts of the
 field are colored black.

As defined in the Manual of Heraldry, by Sir Francis J. Grant, Lord Lyon King
of Arms, in 1937;  
     Counter-changed:  Is the division of the shield into two parts, one
colour and one metal, and arranging that the charges placed upon the metal
are of the colour, and vice versa.

Therefore with purple and white field, having white and black charges is NOT


P.S.  Jonathan, don't guess.
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