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Re: scribe win

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

Anarra asked:
  The one 'problem' I do see in this is that now the College of Heralds 
  double-checks the final scrolls to make sure the official name, blazon 
  and emblazon are there.  Under a system of handing out blank final 
  scrolls, this would be much less under their control, as theoretically, 
  the recipient could put any name, emblazon and blazon on an 
  already-signed scroll.
  The CoH in the East deals with this somehow, but I don't know how.  

We let people fill it in any way they like.  Since a growing proportion of
people don't register the arms they use, it works well.  The name fields are
always filled in, using the name given on the recommendations.

There have been a number of times, as local pursuivant, when a scribe will
call me and double check the spelling preferences of a particular upcoming
awardee: and even ask what arms they use if none are registered.

The East is rather anarchic.  Not everyone around the Known World is likely
to be as comfortable with that as we have become.  Part of the impetus was,
no doubt, that Brigantia couldn't really track the vast number of awards
that were being given out, and the process devolved.

My own opinion is that, if the scroll is given to you, its yours to do with
as you like.  That includes putting whatever arms on it you choose.

	Tibor (Society for Compulsory Anarchy.... it has a nice ring :-)
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