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Re: scribe win

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Karen wrote:

>1. There comes to be a dual process for whether or not name and 
>device have been registered, causing in some cases the (however 
>mistaken) impression that one must get one's name and device 
>registered before one can be considered for an AoA.

No, no, no.  What I meant was to give hand-calligraphed original scrolls 
with _blanks_ where the name, blazon and emblazon go.  All that entails 
is to check with an Ordinary and Armorial (a task that could be given to 
one of the Royal Retinue) to see if the subject has a registered device 
and name.

Pick a nice, appropriate *blank* scroll from the stack provided by the 
scribes for that purpose.  *If* the person has a registered name, 
calligraph that name on the scroll.  Leave the blazon and emblazon blank 
if you want; or fill them in if there are registered arms and time to do 
so (a large majority of AoA recipient's don't have registered devices).

If the person has no registered name, you pencil in the use-name and 
they can erase it and get someone to finish the scroll properly when the 
time comes.

>2. Instead of a backlog of scrolls to replace promissory scrolls, 
>there gets to be a backlog before awards are given. 

Not under the above system, hopefully now better explained.  Just pick a 
nice scroll out of the stack of blanks and give it out.

>more "personalized" would have to wait until the promissory scroll 
>-- knotwork, Gothic leaf patterns, portraiture, etc. would be 
>difficult to choose or design without any more knowledge of the 
>individual than name and device.

Several different kinds of scrolls.  Some with cooking motifs, some with 
archery, some 'generic'.  Give the most approriate one.  If the person 
wants a more 'personalized' scroll, he or she can commission one from a 

The idea being to reduce the amount of double work for scrolls.

>Under the system that Anarra proposes, it 
>would take a great deal more time and effort to get the scroll to 

Nope.  The original scrolls would be done up ahead of time just like the 
prommissaries are now.

The one 'problem' I do see in this is that now the College of Heralds 
double-checks the final scrolls to make sure the official name, blazon 
and emblazon are there.  Under a system of handing out blank final 
scrolls, this would be much less under their control, as theoretically, 
the recipient could put any name, emblazon and blazon on an 
already-signed scroll.

The CoH in the East deals with this somehow, but I don't know how.  


      - Anarra

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