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Re: scribe win (long)

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Teri Nava-Vaughn wrote:
> Why is the art which proclaims your accomplishments so
> much less valuable?
> Okay, let the flames begin,
> C o'Stow

This is not meant to in any way besmirch the gift of Atlantia's scribes,
I appreciate it for the fact that they beautify the Kingdom and I have a
hand-painted promisory of my own that I value greatly.

However, you are not the only ones in this predicament.  I'm referring
to our wondrous musicians.  The prolific Harp and Drum ensemble in the
Barony of Ponte Alto (winners of the Pennsic XXVI Polyphonic Challenge!)
performs at barony events, and does community concerts as well.  I feel
their musical talents add a great deal of atmosphere to an event, and
would sore miss them if they weren't there.  We don't give them money
for new instruments, we don't buy them music stands, or even pay for the
music they've bought to satisfy the theme of the next event.

I'm certain there are others who spend their own money to make our
experience more enjoyable.  I *know* there are chatelaines out there who
have spent their own money for children's activities, yet sometimes do
not get reimbursed, and probably less often thanked.  I'd like to take
the opportunity to do so now; these folks are real jewels of Atlantia.

There are chroniclers who spend their own money (there's no budget for
it) for clip art packages, or publishing programs.

And, I'd be remiss if I didn't metion that I'm sure there are web
ministers out there who spend their own money for job-specific purposes,
and they don't get reimbursed.  (I don't have the money to give them! :)

I guess my point is that the art that proclaims our accomplishments is
no less valuable than garb or armor.  Likewise, neither is music, the
children, spiff newsletters and cool web pages and mailing lists. 
They're just harder things for which to get money.  :)

My wife, Lady Gwendolen ferch Cadwaladr ap Rhys did pay for her scroll
in a sort of way.  She gave the money to the Kingdom in return for
donated efforts from you.  So, while you haven't gotten paid for the
materials, at least you were mindful of the sacrifice this time.  :) 
After she says she's gotten good enough, Lady Muireann ni Riordain has
said she'd like to do my AoA scroll.  Perhaps when the time comes, I
should offer to pay her for her materials. :)

Feeling talkative in my old ;) age, 
|+^+|  Kevin of Thornbury
|/+\|  (mka Kevin Maxson)
 \_/   kevin@maxson.com   http://sca.maxson.com
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