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Re: scribe win (long)

Poster: Teri Nava-Vaughn <navavaughn@geocities.com>

Karen brought up several good points: that it takes time to get someone
an award and, if it is necessary to present a scroll at the time the
award is received, that person may need to "wait" longer to get said

However, for many awards the King and Queen know well in advance that
they will be giving an award.  For example King X knows that he will be
traveling to Barony Y for their investure in two months.  He has already
received from said barony letters recommending several local members for
various awards.  The king decides he will give candidate A an AoA, has
already polled candidate P for a Pearl and reveived a positive response,
and has decided to give candidate H a KAE.  

There is no reason why any of these candidates should be given a
promissory because Barony Y has a scriptorium, who are currently working
on some 40+ backlog scrolls for members of their group, but are more
than willing to tackle these three scrolls if they were only given some
notice.  Why do they never receive word of the awards in enough time to
get scroll done?  Here's a couple of guesses: The King and Queen are
extremely busy, are already spending a fortune in long distance calls
(which they don't always get re-embursed for), and don't really have the
time to contact the scriptorium.

What can the scriptorium do to speed up the process?  Some weeks before
the event when the autocrat calls TRM to verify that They are coming, he
or she could inquire as to whether TRM would be requiring the services
of the scriptorium for any new scrolls.

There will always be the last minute AoA, but at least some of the
scrolls could be done ahead of time.  Certainly, there is generally
enough advance warning to the friends of a peerage candidate that an
original scroll could be done for that.  

As to Karen's further comments about the desire to give the candidate a
personalized scroll holding up the process...As a scribe I have
frequently been given assignments for backlog scrolls owed to people
I've never meet or don't know well.  These have included everything from
AoA to PoAs.  Yes, it would be nice to give everyone a personalized
scroll; but, there are just too many scrolls on the backlog and incoming
for the 40 plus regular scribes to do a personalized scroll for every
AoA.  I realize that for some people this many be the only scroll they
will receive and it should be special; but, even without being
personalized, it is special in that is an original work made expressly
for them by the goodness of a scribe who just donated 10 hours or more
of their time to a person they have never met.  I'll stop here before I
step on my soapbox of the scadian expectation that scribe's donate their
time and materials (okay, just one, I can't stop myself...ponder
this...would you ever ask a seamstress you've never met to make you garb
and not expect to pay for the fabric, or ask an armorer to make you a
helm for free? Why is the art which proclaims your accomplishments so
much less valuable?) 

Okay, let the flames begin,
C o'Stow
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