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Re: scribe win

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha-Neel - ASCC" <angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com>

Terry L. Neill wrote:
> Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>
> Lady Rebecca the Contrary wrote:
> >Because of this one competition, 70 (count 'em 70!!) new assignments
> >went out and are in various stages of completion.


> I wonder of the backlog of scrolls in Atlantia could be reduced if,
> instead of giving xeroxed but hand-painted promissaries, the recipient
> was instead given his or her final scroll with blanks left for the
> blazon and emblazon.

This is a commendable idea, but, it is impossible to tell if you have
left enough room, or too much room for a blazon, the name may not yet be
registered, thus could be wrong, and an AoA is sometimes the only award
a person will get so it should be personalized and as "way spiff" as can
be... if I create an AoA with blanks for blazon and heraldry using
predominantly red, blue, and gold... what if that person's colours are
green, purple and silver? If its gothic, how can I insure the drolleries
used reflect something of that person? I truly believe armigious awards
should have the registered arms before being committed to a scroll.

The backlog consists mainly of AoA scrolls. A number of them cannot be
done because the recipients don't have a registered name or heraldry...
a number do, but the Clerk Signet hasn't been informed so she cannot
assign the scroll...

> I should think that it would be less effort to make original, final
> scrolls for every AoA instead of an original plus a promissary.  Scribes
> could stop doing double-duty.  Recipients desiring something more
> elaborate or personal could, as now, commission a scribe to do another
> scroll.  But I doubt all that many would do so.

The promissories are often times copies, and they also provide a way for
new scribes to practice for something that is a meaningfull record.
Double work is minimized with the promissories since they are created en
masse for the current Monarchs so They have something to hand the

What we all need to do is make sure we keep the Clerk Signet up-to-date
on registered heraldry and names, and then all of us who have the
ability to make these scrolls, do so!

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