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Reducing Scroll Backlog - was Scribe win

Poster: Greg Glewwe <glewweg@erols.com>

Terry L. Neill wrote:

> I wonder of the backlog of scrolls in Atlantia could be reduced if,
> instead of giving xeroxed but hand-painted promissaries, the recipient
> was instead given his or her final scroll with blanks left for the
> blazon and emblazon.

Something my wife hates doing becasue it is a pain in the butt and you
usually tell that it was done.  See Cuan's AoA scroll.   There can be
many problems including but limited too: squished letters due to long
names/blazons, long bits of fillers art on lines due to short
names/blazons, and ugly color combinations due to the differences
between what was used for a cholor scheme on the scroll and what is on
the arms.  

> I should think that it would be less effort to make original, final
> scrolls for every AoA instead of an original plus a promissary.  Scribes
> could stop doing double-duty.  Recipients desiring something more
> elaborate or personal could, as now, commission a scribe to do another
> scroll.

IF the scroll cannot be done in advance which is obviously preferable
and I believe a real priority for peerages and the like, then give a
promissory, and have the person REQUEST a finshed scroll.  This method
has worked well in other places, and has several advantages:

	1 - Duke Yaddy Yaddy who has two peerage scrolls and a court 		baronacy
along with various kingdom orders and an AoA
		probably will not want another scroll for a minor award 		like the
Golden Spoon or whatever - less back log and no 		hurt feeling for the
scribe who is bright enough to 		realize that their work may never be
hung on a wall.

	2 - If the the new Lord or Lady has no arms as yet, the cannot 		make
the request until the register something - less 		back log.  IMHO this
is the biggest saver, last time I 		checked there were quite a lot of
these folks on the 		back log list.  If they haven't bothered to
register 		arms, then they DO NOT BELONG ON THE LIST!

	3 - The flash in the pan types who join the SCA go nuts for a 		year or
so and then move on to something new, probably 		will fit into the
second category but if not, they may 		not be around long enough to
bother requesting the 		scroll.

Please note that my wife and I have seen all of the above occur over the
years.  I still advocate doing scroll ahead of time if possible, but for
those that cannot be done up front, I believe that it is a mistake to
just automatically put them on the back log.

In Service,
Gregoire de Conteville
Provost of the Academie d'Espee:OWSA

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