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Re: scribe win

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Lady Rebecca the Contrary wrote:

>Because of this one competition, 70 (count 'em 70!!) new assignments 
>went out and are in various stages of completion.

This reminds me of a thought I had in court at the War.  One of the 
recipients of an Award of Arms received a very nice *finished* scroll 
with her blazon and emblazon on.

This, of course, means that she already had registered arms and name, 
and that the King and Queen told someone enough in advance that she was 
receiving an AoA that someone could pen that marvelous scroll.

I wonder of the backlog of scrolls in Atlantia could be reduced if, 
instead of giving xeroxed but hand-painted promissaries, the recipient 
was instead given his or her final scroll with blanks left for the 
blazon and emblazon.

I should think that it would be less effort to make original, final 
scrolls for every AoA instead of an original plus a promissary.  Scribes 
could stop doing double-duty.  Recipients desiring something more 
elaborate or personal could, as now, commission a scribe to do another 
scroll.  But I doubt all that many would do so. 

I've heard that other Kingdoms do this and it works for them.  Something 
for the College of Scribes to think about.


      - Anarra

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