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RE: scribe win

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

> No, no, no.  What I meant was to give hand-calligraphed original scrolls 
> with _blanks_ where the name, blazon and emblazon go.  All that entails 
> is to check with an Ordinary and Armorial (a task that could be given to 
> one of the Royal Retinue) to see if the subject has a registered device 
> and name.
	Nice theory but in practice next to impossible.  Stashes such as
	are used up quickly and blanks don't last long unused.  Then you get
	to the issue of whether the scribe left enough space for blazon,
	etc.  Then you get to Mistress Keilyn's point about matching
	Whether you're using  a documented hand or not the hand writing is
	still different.

	In a perfect world this would work.  However getting the amounts up
	to a "stash" like that to keep up with who gets recognized is almost
	impossible.  More scribes would help but then you need all scrolls
	all periods, all scrolls with all possible color combinations, etc.

	The storage required alone boggles the mind. 

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