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Re: domesday list

Poster: "Stephanie M. Thorson" <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>

> Does anyone know the origin of the term "Domesday list" or "Doemsday 
> book?"  I always thought it was a reference to the list Augustus Caesar 
> commanded to be made in the Bible (Luke2:1-3); am i correct, or is there 
> another reference?
> Thanks,
> Lady Maryam Jules of the Dragon's Trench (Shire of Highland Foorde)

Well, the Domesday Book as mentioned in all good texts on medieval England
is a volume recording a survey which was taken of the English kingdom in
the year 1086 by William of Normandy (or rather by his minions, who were
probably as popular as tax assessors now :-).  The survey recorded things
like ownership or tenancy of property, taxes paid, and presence of mills
and suchlike things when applicable, and better still records them not
only for 1086, but also as they were "in the time of King Edward," which
is to say before the Norman Conquest of England.  It's an exceedingly
important document for the study of early medieval English economic

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