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Re: SCA History - Salt Wars

Poster: anne carey <afcarey@norfolk.infi.net>

Heather Swann wrote:
> IIRC, the second Salt War (called Border War) was at King's Mt.  I remember
> because we drove all the way from Isenfir late at night, and there was so
> much water on the road at one point that I got teased mercilessly by my
> companions for driving through a lake!  Isenfir also fielded a bunch of
> combat archers, each with five carefully rationed arrows, and we kept
> killing Duke Sir John Bearkiller!  The other side had trash can sized
> quivers full of arrows, but they couldn't shoot for beans!!! 

I Resemble ...ummmm RESENT that remark!  I specifically recall downing
my fair share of Atlantians with my fellow South Downers...and I didn't
have a trash cans size quiver, cause I didn't have a quiver... I just
had to haul my 22 arrows around in a bag...;D

> finally decided to marshal because he was tired of getting killed in the
> first five minutes by #%^$*^@W!!  archers. 

He pretty much killed archery in Meridies for awhile as result... Thanks
alot you guys... :(

All I really remember about that event is that we got there *really*
late, the hall was cold and noisy, and Pascal and I ended up sleeping in
the car... 

Boy we had a good time... :D

Anne Elizabeth
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