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Song Copyrights

Poster: teufel <teufel@erols.com>

   Efen (and others interested),

        ::Frederich looks confused here::  Am I wrong, or wasn't your
response a little off base?  The song post (actually, _re_post) wasn't
attributed because the poster didn't know who originally wrote the thing.
Smacking them on the wrist because the didn't attribute it is a little
harsh.  If they had tried claiming it as their own work, well, I would be
behind you 100%.  But...
        We are all in the same boat here.  We go to events, we sit around
the fire and drink and listen to some great songs.  Who here has ever
stopped a party in mid-swing to ask, 'who wrote that last song?'  Very few
of us.  Most just try to frantically memorize the lyrics.  I, personally,
have dozens of SCA songs memorized, but only know the authors of a few of
them.  So long as I don't start claiming that _I_ wrote them, who is being
hurt?  I do try to hold to the authors wishes, when known (Born on the
Listfield, et al.), but with most there are no authors wishes other than
'enjoy!' ::Frederich shrugs::
        And my two additional cents on the matter, most SCA songs are not
written with financial gain in mind.  They are for the enjoyment of the
listeners, and for the personal pleasure of the author.  I personally would
be nothing but flattered if one of my filks turned up under the heading of
'Here's a really great song!'  If I felt that it was being misattributed, I
might leap in a set the record straight but, otherwise, I let things stand.
        Or did I just misunderstand what you were trying to say?

                Frederich Von Teufel

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