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Happy Birthday, was Re: Copyright, was Re: 2 tidbits

Poster: Randy Dees <rrd@amherst.com>

>  > Crap, folks.  Does anybody besides me know that the song "Happy Birthday
> to
>  > You" has been copyrighted for some time now, by the descendants of the
>  > original author?  Yet no one makes an attempt to secure any compensation
> for
>  > it whenever it is sung.
>  Actually, Micheal Jackson owns the copyright to Happy Birthday.  You owe him
> one
>  dollar.
>  Janos >>

This being all the more reason to sing the version to "The Volga Boatmen
Song" -

Why do we sing this song all night -
The other one is copyright
Happy Birthday!  Happy Birthday!

No, it doesn't fit.  So what?

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