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Re: Historically Curious

Poster: henderson@infodata.com (Henderson, Sharon)

Kevin of Thornbury wrote:
> Unto Cheapside, greetings!
> I've been curious since Saturday as to the extent of HRH Michael's
> history.  How many times, wherever the kingdom, has he sat the throne
> already?  Is there a record in the making here?

Greetings, O Kevin! :-)  Long time, no see....  :-)

HRH first sat a throne when he succeeded Gavin and Tamera as monarchs of
the Eastrealm in AS 15.  He served as Atlantia's first King back in AS
16, and then was King again in: AS 17, AS 23, AS 24, AS 26, AS 29 -- and
when he and Seonaid ascend the throne in April of next year, he will
become an 8-reign monarch.

For the royally curious, lists of East and Atlantian royals can be found
on the two kingdoms' websites.  On the East site, the list is in the
History section; on Atlantia's, it is the last appendix on the Red Tape
segment of the Acorn homepage.

In service to Atlantia, the Society, and History, (<g>)
Meli ferch Iasper
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