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Abduct Efen was Song Copyrights

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

In a message dated 97-11-03 15:04:19 EST, you write:

<<  Just as one should not tape a person performing
 a song and sell their rendition to another without their permission,
 one should not distribute the words to their song or the music without
 the permission of the creators of the song.

Ok how about this one if I abduct Efen (at next Pensic) and then tie him up
on a little wagon with wheels (so I can move him from bardic circle to bardic
Well I figure I can keep him gaged (screams for help give me a headache).
 People then give me money to take the gag off and he can sing requests.  If
he won't sing for us we won't feed him, do mean things to his recorder, and
sell that silly cat of his into stuffed animal slavery.  Now because I have
the artist and he is performing his own work..am I oK on the copyright?

Wow a new project,
Lora Leigh
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