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Abducting Efens and Maeves

Poster: einar@cvn.net (einar)

At 05:06 PM 11/3/97 -0500, Lora wrote:
>Poster: LWright740@aol.com
>Ok how about this one if I abduct Efen (at next Pensic) and then tie him up
>on a little wagon with wheels (so I can move him from bardic circle to bardic
>... he is performing his own work..am I oK on the copyright?
>Wow a new project,
>Lora Leigh

hmmmm.... maybe this'll work on Maeve when she comes back east for my
wedding!!! <EVIL grin>

Elen Prydydd
 (now see what you've started?...  BWA-ha-ha-haaaaa!!!!!)


Ivanova LIVES!!!!!!

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