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Re:Crown comments was: Historically Curious

Poster: seareach@juno.com (Bonnie  A Hindle)

<Meli's wonderful praise snipped>
>I could have wished the feast hall were a little bigger; for that many
>folks, it was a bit crowded and difficult to move around.  
	Yes, we stretched the number of people in the feast hall to it's
absolute maximum because of the popularity of our current Monarchs.  We
knew that a feast for 125 would probably not be enough for the number of
people expected.  (We had 400 on site btw).  
>But by and large, I thought things went quite well.  Y'all should be
>proud of yourselves!  Did I hear correctly when someone said this was
>your Shire's first Kingdom-level event?  VERY well done!!  :-)
	Yes, it was.  The Shire hosted a Crown about eight years ago in
name only when Sir Loric, one of our founding members was Kingdom
Seneschal.  But at that Crown feastacrat, autocrat and most of the staff
were imported from outside the Shire. (The Shire at the time was
basically brand new at that which is why that was done).
	Meli, thank you again for your impressions and praise.  Seareach
has a really wonderful group of people and I am proud to be able to serve
them.  Come and see us anytime.

With great thanks,
Lady Alesia

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