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Re: Copyright, a further question

Poster: "Robyyan Torr d'Elandris" <robyyan@mindspring.com>

> visiting in Meridies.... some folks say no part of any printed work can
> be photocopied without the author/copyright holders permission... other
> say that FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES a "fair amount" of text can be copied
> some hours at a library xerox machine, making copies of passages that
> were important to my research.... now i wonder - was I in violation?

This question wanders into specifics of legal opinion I'm not 
qualified to answer.  Copyright law, according to the copyright 
specialist at the UNC Law School and Law Library, is very, very 
thorny.  I will say that the people who told you no part of any 
printed work can be photocopied without permission are in error.  The 
library you photocopied things in probably has a handout of the "Fair 
Use" doctrine, either available at the reference desk, posted by the 
photocopy machines, or both.  The librarians shouldn't give you an 
opinion of what you can and can't copy, either, but they should be 
able to direct you to places where you can find the relevant 
regulations and decide for yourself.

Or check the URL Tibor posted

which looks to be the information I looked at at the Library of 
Congress a couple of years ago, now on web instead of gopher.
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