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Re: Copyright, a further question

Poster: rosine <rosine@wwisp.com>

Robyyan Torr d'Elandris wrote:

> Poster: "Robyyan Torr d'Elandris" <robyyan@mindspring.com>
> >BTW, in modern life I write software for libraries, who must pay huge
> amounts of attention to copyright issues when borrowing, lending, and
> copying journal articles.  I've learned more than enough about
> copyright so that I 1) assume anything has a copyright on it, and
> shouldn't be copied for distribution without the copyright holder's
> permission, and 2) I label anything I intend to make publicly
> available with the exact copyright conditions I mean.

Master Robyyan,
   Perhaps you could clear up an arguement we have going here, where i'm
visiting in Meridies.... some folks say no part of any printed work can
be photocopied without the author/copyright holders permission... other
say that FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES a "fair amount" of text can be copied
(thereby freeing the book up for others to use at the library), as long
as it is not a "significant" amount of text... there followed a further
discussion about what consituted "significant". I have, at times, spent
some hours at a library xerox machine, making copies of passages that
were important to my research.... now i wonder - was I in violation?

In bewildered confusion (love those qualifiers),
Rosine of Rowanwald

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