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Re: Copyright, was Re: 2 tidbits

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> [On a similar side note, I'm sure that everybody has seen various people
> with the .sig lines that say "unsolicited email sent to this account will be
> subject to a reading charge of $500" or "by Law X, email accounts fall under
> the definition of fax machines, etc., and any unsolicited email sent to this
> address will be subject to a reading charge of $500, and the act of sending
> that unwanted email constitutes acceptance of these terms".

Iffy at best.  As I understand it, there is indeed a a law on the book
prohibiting unauthorized faxes (due to the fact that it costs the
recipient money in terms of paper, ink, etc.)  However, it never
states that email (or rather the more usual argument "a computer
with a modem connected to a printer") is indeed equated with the fax machine in
this case (althoughlogically, one might make such a leap).

However, there are several bills currently in progress that address
the whole reprehensible SPAM issue.  Personally, I would want to see
the ones that require legal header info (on penalty of fraud and
heavy fines) get passed as opposed to some of the others...

> The question I have is whether anybody has [or knows anybody who has]
> actually gotten any spam on an account posted this way, and tried to get
> anything out of it, and what the results were if they did.

Not that I'm aware of it.  However, there are a number of Internet
Service Providers out there that will happily charge 'clean-up fees'
to illegitimate sources that use their equipment to relay SPAM. ;-)
Most of the time these never account to anything (although the
spammers do tend to avoid that ISP in the future), but I have heard of
at least one ISP that actually has hired a lawyer and is actively
pursuing several spammers on this regard for 'non-payment of bills'
;-)  And I wish them *all* the best of luck. ;-D

> Electronic media are going to be the next big litigation trend-just you
> watch!]

Of that I have no doubt!


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