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Re: Pennsic Sobriquets

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Heather wrote:
> Hello, All!  I'm just sitting here at work trying to think of the names of
> the various Pennsics.....can anyone help fill this in?  There have been so
> many, they all run together in my memory....I know one of these is the one
> during which the Dragon Ate the Moon....I think it was in '85, but I'm not
> sure.....it was a cool astronomical event...


> XV...Dragon Ate the Moon

You sure about this one? I thought that was XVIII, the year of the lunar


> XVII.... I think this was the year of the Harmonica Virgins (or harmonic
convergence if you want the real name).


> XXI..... Penncis Comes of Age.


> XXIII...Mud War

Some folks (mainly in Clan Cambion camp) called this one A River Runs
Through It.

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