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Re: Pennsic Sobriquets: The Plague Year

Poster: JebRaitt <JebRaitt@aol.com>

<<Let's see...was it Pennsic XII or XIII that was the Plague Year.  I missed
that one (lucky me) but heard reports from friends who have vivid memories of
it!  ("See Pennsic from the inside of your favorite Port-A-John!")

Definitely XIII.  Amazing symbolism there. :)  I was one of the very few who
did not get sick, either on the way, during, or after it.  I've heard 100% but
I didn't and I think I met one other person who didn't.>>

Donal Mac Ruiseart writes:

Actually, quite a few escaped the plague.  None in the group of which I was a
part were stricken.   It's rather like the Titanic or the Hindenberg . . . you
think no one could have escaped, when in reality there were many survivors!
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