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Re: Delinquent quarterly reports

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Landi wrote:
>    So a bunch of folks get together and decide they want to hold a
> Medieval Faire, but nobody can think of anything medieval to do.  So
> finally one fellow pipes up, "Well, I'm in the SCA -- let's require
> a few reports!"
> --Landi, watching his favorite hobby drown in red tape... <sigh...>


Few people like paperwork and administrivia. However since the SCA, Inc.
is a legally registered not-for-profit corporation, we are bound by
federal law to account for ourselves financially. To that end the laws
of Corpora were developed so that each chapter in the corporation (field
office if you will) is accountable to coroporate headquarters. No field
office can spend money, even if they earn it themselves, without providing
a paper trail of where it came from and where it's going and why. No
field office can exist without certain officers in place, and no branch
office (Barony, Shire, etc.) can exist without similar officers, each
reporting to their counterpart immediately above them.

What I listed above only mentions fiscal responsibility, and one would
think that an Exchequer and a Senschale would be sufficient. But other
offices help a group earn or spend money too, so there has to be some
kind of management structure in place all the way down to the branch office
level. And it doesn't really stop at fiscal responsibility.

I'm sorry you don't like red tape and reports. All I can say to that
is; don't take on an office. Sit back and enjoy your hobby, safe in the
knowledge that there are other people out there who are willing to do the 
work, to run the offices, to file the reports, to keep your branch office
viable and active so you can have a good time. And if your branch office
folds because one of those people failed to file the requisite report at
the requisite time, don't blame the system. Instead, think about what you
could have done to help prevent the group from folding.

In service,

     Corun MacAnndra   |   Dark Horde by birth   |   Moritu by choice
     I do not understand objections to 'cruel and unusual' punishment.
     While a judge should be benevolent in purpose, his awards should
        cause the criminal to suffer, else there is no punishment.
				 		 R. A. Heinlein
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