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Re: Delinquent quarterly reports

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

>Landi wrote:
>>    So a bunch of folks get together and decide they want to hold a
>> Medieval Faire, but nobody can think of anything medieval to do.  So
>> finally one fellow pipes up, "Well, I'm in the SCA -- let's require
>> a few reports!"
>> --Landi, watching his favorite hobby drown in red tape... <sigh...>
>Few people like paperwork and administrivia. 
 And if your branch office
>folds because one of those people failed to file the requisite report at
>the requisite time, don't blame the system. Instead, think about what you
>could have done to help prevent the group from folding.
>In service,
Aw, shucks, we know that, Corun, and we appreciate the folks who do the
work....I've held a few local offices myself so I know how that goes...

I'm sure Landi was just expressing that sentiment we all feel when we have
to fill out the paperwork/take out the trash/clean up after the
event......natural, understandable, and universal, I think!  I have to
admit sometimes the paperwork seems a little much, but we still keep coming
back to play!  :)  Just the way the modern world works, I suspect....  ;)


I may or may not be the Real Miriam this month...I forget.........
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