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Re: Pennsic Sobriquets

Poster: Dick Eney <dickeney@access.digex.net>

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Heather Swann wrote:
> Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>
> At 01:10 PM 11/4/97 -0500, Ed Hopkins wrote:
> snip>
> >I don't know when the following things happened, but you could
> >use them to define the Pennsic they happened at:
> >
> >First war at Cooper's Lake.

Pennsic V - because IV was at the other site, and V was the one where the
driving directions were so bad, and VI was my first war and it was at
Cooper's and the driving directions weren't bad...

> >Runestone on Runestone Hill.
> >Camping instead of fighting on Runestone Hill.

somewhere around VIII ?

> >Golf carts appear.
> >Mt. Eislinn.
> >Settlers on the Seregeti.

very recent...

> >Giant chalk horse.
> >The big fire.
> >
> >-- Alfredo
> >
> Does Anyone remember when these occurred...?
> Miri


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