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Re: Delinquent quarterly reports

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> Um, sending a quick postcard to the local seneschale saying "Your xxx
> officer is listed as xxx.  Are they still active?  I haven't gotten a
> report from them since xxx.  I need xxx to complete my records, and from
> then on will need regular reports.  Please correct the situation and let me
> know the scoop.  My address is xxx. My phone number is xxx.  Both should be
> listed in your copy of the Acorn.

You just described the current system, except they use the Acorn always
and a postcard sometimes. The Acorn is a more reliable way of getting
the message across because many people in a group receive it.

> Why the heck do we always have to call people?

Because they've already ignored email and snail mail. As you can see
the Kingdom Herald already recounted how she sends a postcard in
addition to the Acorn summary, and yet you still see groups with
herald reports 6+ months late.

-- g

[ Now I do think that it's stilly that we spent 1/8 of a page in TI
for the Society MoAS to send a message to a couple of Kingdom MoASes... 
What's that, 20,000+ copies to replace a couple of letters? ]

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