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Re: Delinquent quarterly reports

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

>>    *Desirable* is not the same thing as *necessary*.  If a group's
>> "Warm Body Persuivant" isn't providing the Heraldic services the
>> group needs (whether or not he files a quarterly report saying 
>> "I didn't do anything again..."), work *with* the group to find
>> someone who *is* interested in the job -- don't kill the whole
>> group!  And if the MoAS is so wrapped up in the Ren. Italian-theme
>> evening for the group *and* the early music concert she's playing
>> in next week *and* ... that she forgets to file a report on time,
>> *don't* just whip out your bureaucratic club and threaten to 
>> bludgeon everyone in the vicinity into submission because you didn't
>> get your piece of paper!  And so forth...
>In short, what we aren't seeing here is the failure of a top-down
>system, but a large number of local failures which aren't being fixed
>by the local people. It's true that filing a report doesn't say that
>the local officer is or isn't doing their job.  But without
>a report, do you reall expect the Kingdom Herald to call every
>group which doesn't send in a report to ask them if they need
>help recruiting a new herald? What other inexpensive way can
>you suggest of figuring out which local officers are active?
>Gregory Blount
Um, sending a quick postcard to the local seneschale saying "Your xxx
officer is listed as xxx.  Are they still active?  I haven't gotten a
report from them since xxx.  I need xxx to complete my records, and from
then on will need regular reports.  Please correct the situation and let me
know the scoop.  My address is xxx. My phone number is xxx.  Both should be
listed in your copy of the Acorn.


			Kingdom Level xxx Officer"

Why the heck do we always have to call people?  Postcards are quick and
cheap.  (I'm assuming not everyone has access to email.)  Also, snail mail
isn't really always that slow, and unless we're talking seneschales and
exchequers here, the house ain't gonna burn down if it takes a couple of days.

Besides, it gives you something tangible to put in your files.

The Surreal Miriam......
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