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Re: Delinquent quarterly reports

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

   <sigh and wry grin>  It seems that once again I've managed to 
shoot myself in the foot with my poor communications skills...
I really thought that using a couple of hypothetical illustrations
would help to *clarify* what I was trying to say, instead I seem
to have come across as pointing fingers at several dedicated 
officers who are genuinely trying to do a good job.  Apologies both 
to those I've offended and those whose mailboxes are being flooded 
with something you're not interested in...

Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill replied to me (in part):
> >   *Desirable* is not the same thing as *necessary*.  If a group's
> >"Warm Body Persuivant" isn't providing the Heraldic services the
> >group needs (whether or not he files a quarterly report saying 
> >"I didn't do anything again..."), work *with* the group to find
> >someone who *is* interested in the job -- don't kill the whole
> >group!
> Landi,
> I DO do this...  It is only after all available avenues have been exhausted
> that I exercise the power of suspension.  You are judging our actions
> without knowing what procedure we follow...  Well, let me enlighten you on mine:

   Well, by definition I don't see what goes on behind the scenes (and
I do appreciate your efforts to enlighten me!).  The first thing *I've*
ever seen is a posting/letter in the Acorn that says "these groups are 
delinquent, and *these* groups are going to be shut down if they don't 
get it together right now." (liberally paraphrased, obviously!).  Then
occasionally this gets followed up with comments such as Duke Richard
posted this morning:

> Warning!
> There is a common tendency to look upon the warnings from the kingdom
> officers with skepticism.
> This would be a mistake.
> The current group of officers is dead serious about getting and
> maintaining people in these roles who will fill their commitments.
> Already, one barony has avoided the start of a demotion process by only
> two weeks.

   Okay, maybe I'm even more paranoid than I thought I was, but I
don't consider public ridicule and threats ("AND WE MEAN IT!!!")
against the entire group to be a proper way to *begin* the process.
(Again, this *is* the beginning of the process for me. I haven't 
*seen* what you've done to this point.  Granted, I know a lot more 
*now* than I did when I composed my first posting this morning, but 
please don't blame me for responding to the information available, 
rather than that which I had no way of knowing.)
--Mudd (formerly known as Landi)
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