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Re: And while everyone's all stirred up... (was: Delinquent quarterly reports)

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

At 03:38 PM 11/6/97 +0000, Miri wrote:
>Is this ladder system and so forth posted anywhere?   Now I'm curious....I
>never really had the time to check out the heralds' chain of command so to
>speak, and I had no idea there was a 'ladder'....

Hmmm.  How interested are ya, really?  ;-)

O.k.  Here comes the big blurb on what "Those Damn Heralds" (tm) do...

We have a series of ranks and titles based upon knowledge, experience and
service.  To a great extent, this is a subjective decision (mine!), although
I have been toying with the idea of some standardized testing for
upper-level heralds...  The ranking system is as follows:

-cornet - beginning or in-training herald
-pursuivant extraordinary - displays a basic knowledge of heraldry (both
book and vocal)
-pursuivant - has a good working knowledge of heraldry
-titled baronial pursuivant (for example, Gordian Knot Pursuivant of
Nottinghill Coill) - given for outstanding or exceptional service as a
baronial herald - this is a special "atta-boy" which isn't given out often,
so really means something
-Herald (with a capital "H") - top-level herald; most advanced level of
knowledge; frequently kingdom staff and accompanied by a title, such
as Triton; Kraken or Ibis, etc...

Each increasing rank comes with frou-frou accoutrements in heraldic regalia
(although I'm not really strict on people adhering to this), such as cornet
heralds are only allowed to wear baldrics; pursuivant extraordinary's can
wear baldrics or unsleeved tabards; pursuivants can wear any of the before
or sleeved tabards and full heralds can also wear green cloaks...

But pretty much the big thing is the recognition that you are advancing in
knowledge and the public acknowledgment of it including a new title.
Promotions are published in the heraldic newsletter and for the upper two
ranks (titled pursuivants and capital "H") sometimes are announced in court!
It's a way I can say "Thanks!  Your work means a lot!".


Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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