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letters in TI was (RE: Delinquent quarterly reports)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

>   And given the size
> of the burden that is TI, and how late it was when her tenure started,
> I
> won't demand perfection.   I'm happy to let her use 3 paragraphs on
> stories
> about her children.)
	I don't mind correlations with SCA and children and a slight
	note in a group newsletter.  I object to several paragraphs of a
	build up before the point is made.  I have little enough time as
it is and
	to me it's missing the point of using a correlation.  I like a
personal touch
	but I don't like being hit over the head with it.  It just gets
frustrating to me
	when I know there's a good point to be made but I'm going to run
out of
	what little free time I have trying to get to it.  No one's
challenging the
	general job she does,  just whether we all need to hear about so
much of
	the personal side. 

> But another thought, not aimed directly at you, Corun.  
	Let's not return personal with personal please. Apologies
	were made and as far as I'm concerned apologies have been
	Some postings I read and some postings I delete after the first
	'Nuff said!

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