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The real world

Poster: MarsaliFox@aol.com

I usually don't care to get involved in endless griping on the Merry Rose,
but now I can no longer restrain...

I'm the local A&S officer in my group.   In the different areas in which I've
lived, I've held 5 differect offices.  I'm on time on my reports 4 out of 5
times.  Mundanely, I've worked for non-profit organizations and I am aware
that periodically they are reviewed to ensure to the voting public that they
are fulfilling their purpose as stated in their corporate by-laws.  This is
accomplished by having written records of what we do.

>From a local perspective, the reports you file are small things, about a few
people.  But if the majority of officers do not file, then to some 'reviewer'
 who really does have the authority to take away our 501(c)(3) status, among
other actions, we cannotr document that we are "educational". 

In this Society, we are spoiled.  We permit people to "play" without being
members.  We are lax with many official aspects of what we do because we
treasure having fun above being beaurocratic.  However, in order to continue
having fun as a group, some of us take upon ourselves (as officers) the
responsibility of autocrating, marshalling, and yes, filing reports.  If
you're holding an office to look good, punch a checklist so you can receive
that award you want, or to be an authority in a particular field - you're not

So, Celynen, hang in there, be tough and do your job.  It's your
responsibility.  Don't let these brow-beaters get you down.  Their voices may
be loud, they can write flaming e-mail, but they can't write a report.  Keep
it in perspective.  Thanks for assuming a tough job - it's too bad that your
first month should cause you to suffer so much personal abuse.

In support and service,

Marsali Fox
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