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The OP

Poster: "Jay R. Shaner" <konrad@mail.fred.net>

Greetings unto the patrons of the Merry Rose from Konrad, Clerk of 
the Precedence.

The Atlantia OP is up-to-date through the reign of Cuan and Bera.  I 
hope to get the on-line edition updated soon.  In the mean time, I 
will e-mail copies to whomever would like one.  The file is in Rich 
Text Format which most word processors can read.  (I've tried it 
with MS Word 6.0, 97 and WordPerfect 6.1 but the format translation 
- pagination is not great.)  The file is about 1 meg which 
translates to 171 pages.  The file as sent will be zipped (WinZip or 
PKzip will open it).  The zipped file is 108K.

Please contact me PRIVATELY if you wish a copy - konrad@fred.net.  

Corrections:  I have made a lot of the corrections that have been 
sent to me.  I still have more to do.  If you find something wrong 
please let me know.  If you sent me an e-mail about a change and the 
change has not been made please contact me again.  

Some things about corrections:
Kingdom Awards:  Missing awards can be added but I need proof that 
you have the award.  I will help but my resources are limited.  I do 
not have a list of every award ever given in Atlantia.  The files I do 
have are not great.  Recent awards are pretty good but the 
further back in time you go the worse the documentation.  
If you have a promissory for the award or a scroll send me a copy 
thats the best proof.

Forgien Awards:  Same as above,  I do have copies of all the on-line 
OPs so I can look you up if you have moved to Atlantia from another 
Kingdom.  If the Kingdom you moved from does not have their OP on- 
line, then I have to contact my counterpart in that Kingdom and get 
confirmation of your awards.

Baronial Awards:  I have almost no lists of Baronial awards.  Again a 
copy of your scroll or a message from your local herald is required.

Names:  Awards in the OP are listed  by registered name.  If 
your name was not registered when you received the award then the 
award is listed by the name the award was sent to me by TRMs.  If you 
register a name please let me know what your new name is and what 
your old name was and I will change the OP.  If you change your name 
but do not register it, the awards will stay under the name which 
they were given.


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