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Re: Fw: Surviving Honor

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Lord Jonathan,

The answer, it seems to me, can only be to travel outside ones kingdom and
learn the levels of calibration throughout the Society.

In this, of course, I have been no exemplier, having been to only one
non-war event outside Atlantia myself.  I was hoping to go to Red Tower
this year, but injuries interfered.

It seems interesting that this thread seems to have originiated in
Trimaris, one of the most lightly armoured kingdoms of the Knowne World.

Having just come off a week visiting North and South Carolina, I can note
that the primary issue between my opponents and myself was not so much
acknowledgement then the very different styles of fighting we practice.  I
can't complain about this as it seemed to be a difference in my favor, but
that might just have been a matter of the opponents I fought.

Still, I think travelling, communication, and courtesy to your opponents
is useful in maintaining the skill of acknowledgement and a reputation of

IN SErvice
Leifr Johansson

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