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sharing the goodies

Poster: CptnBnytng@aol.com

   Anne wrote:

 < Responding privately to keep traffic down is generally all well and to 
the good.  But not when munching is involved! Many lists I am on require 
that any recipe mentioned must be posted to the list so as not to leave 
anyone in salivating suspense or gustatory anticipation. Would I be 
upsetting ancient traditon by proposing a similar standard on the Merry 
Rose? >

   If it shall also include drink and the process whereby it shall be made I
heartily agree that we share the wealth of knowledge with all the tavern
patrons !
   Yet the concern to relieve traffic is valid... Could we not do this
through a file to download if we so choose.. ? (especially if the recipe or
process is long and involved it would make it easier to put into our recipe
files )....? 

   Roborn vonBach
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