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Re: Savory toasted cheese

Poster: "R.S. Ranocchia, Jr. <Maelgwn ap Gruffydd>" <maelgwn@ix.netcom.com>

Beth Morris wrote:
> Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>
> Karen Lyons-McGann wrote:
> >
> > >> If someone could help this gentle, who is not on the Merry Rose.
> >
> > >> Brie
> > >> Camembert
> > >> Green Beans or Broccoli
> > >> Bake in a small meatloaf pan,  serves 4-6,
> >
> > > Will answer  privately.
> >
> > Waaaaah!   But I wanted to see the recipe!   My lord really likes moldy
> > cheese and I am sure he would enjoy this.
> >
> > Responding privately to keep traffic down is generally all well and to
> > the good.  But not when munching is involved! Many lists I am on require
> > that any recipe mentioned must be posted to the list so as not to leave
> > anyone in salivating suspense or gustatory anticipation. Would I be
> > upsetting ancient traditon by proposing a similar standard on the Merry
> > Rose?
> Golly.  Having had my mailbox deluged with responses regarding Savory
> Tosted Cheese (or STC as it sometimes known), here's the recipe.  It is
> largely based on the redaction of Duke Cariadoc of the Bow as given in
> his Miscelleny, but has been influenced over the years by a number of
> cooks with whom I've played, and by my own taste for rotting
> cheese-food.  Please note, I'm doing this off the top of my head.  If
> you want to cook this for a feast, please either research the original
> or at least talk to me about a serious redaction.
> As a side note, its also pretty easy to make over a camp stove....
> Here's your receipt, which is originally from the Closet of Sir Kenelm
> Digbie.  (The original is probably on line somewhere - Cariadoc's
> Miscelleny perhaps?)
> I use about equal parts brie and cream cheese (remember to peel the brie
> thoroughly) and a little less butter - maybe 1/2# of each of the first
> two and 1/3# of butter?  (Everyone has their own proportions)
> Cream all three together over low heat (a double boiler might work!),
> whisking until smooth.
> Pour over a pan of hot veggies and throw in the oven long enough to
> toast the top (Digbie scorches his with a hot iron from the fire....)
> In Digbie, he mentions 'sparages' in the recipe, and that you can serve
> it on sops (little toast bits).  I like asparagus when I can afford it
> (frozen will work, but drain it well and don't overcook it!) and
> broccoli is great because the florets hold a lot of cheese.  I've even
> seen it done with mushrooms.  Digbie also suggests that you can add
> bacon (which is probably equivalent to modern ham).  As far as
> seasoning, a little white pepper is usually all it needs....
> Enjoy!
> Keilyn

The only thing I might add is 1/4 cup of heavy cream, it makes the most
lumpy STC into a velvety smooth sauce. Besides, between the brie, cream
cheese and butter, there just isn't quite enough fat in the recipe.<g> I
have quite often refered to this recipe as Savory Toasted Heart-Attack.

Maelgwn ap Gruffydd 


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