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Re: Savory toasted cheese

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Karen Lyons-McGann wrote:
> >> If someone could help this gentle, who is not on the Merry Rose.
> >> Brie
> >> Camembert
> >> Green Beans or Broccoli
> >> Bake in a small meatloaf pan,  serves 4-6,
> > Will answer  privately.
> Waaaaah!   But I wanted to see the recipe!   My lord really likes moldy
> cheese and I am sure he would enjoy this.
> Responding privately to keep traffic down is generally all well and to
> the good.  But not when munching is involved! Many lists I am on require
> that any recipe mentioned must be posted to the list so as not to leave
> anyone in salivating suspense or gustatory anticipation. Would I be
> upsetting ancient traditon by proposing a similar standard on the Merry
> Rose?

Golly.  Having had my mailbox deluged with responses regarding Savory
Tosted Cheese (or STC as it sometimes known), here's the recipe.  It is
largely based on the redaction of Duke Cariadoc of the Bow as given in
his Miscelleny, but has been influenced over the years by a number of
cooks with whom I've played, and by my own taste for rotting
cheese-food.  Please note, I'm doing this off the top of my head.  If
you want to cook this for a feast, please either research the original
or at least talk to me about a serious redaction.

As a side note, its also pretty easy to make over a camp stove....

Here's your receipt, which is originally from the Closet of Sir Kenelm
Digbie.  (The original is probably on line somewhere - Cariadoc's
Miscelleny perhaps?)

I use about equal parts brie and cream cheese (remember to peel the brie
thoroughly) and a little less butter - maybe 1/2# of each of the first
two and 1/3# of butter?  (Everyone has their own proportions)

Cream all three together over low heat (a double boiler might work!),
whisking until smooth.

Pour over a pan of hot veggies and throw in the oven long enough to
toast the top (Digbie scorches his with a hot iron from the fire....)

In Digbie, he mentions 'sparages' in the recipe, and that you can serve
it on sops (little toast bits).  I like asparagus when I can afford it
(frozen will work, but drain it well and don't overcook it!) and
broccoli is great because the florets hold a lot of cheese.  I've even
seen it done with mushrooms.  Digbie also suggests that you can add
bacon (which is probably equivalent to modern ham).  As far as
seasoning, a little white pepper is usually all it needs....


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