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Re: Savory toasted cheese

Poster: seareach@juno.com (Bonnie  A Hindle)

>>> Brie
>>> Camembert
>>> Green Beans or Broccoli
>>> Bake in a small meatloaf pan,  serves 4-6, 
>> Will answer  privately.
>Waaaaah!   But I wanted to see the recipe!   My lord really likes 
>cheese and I am sure he would enjoy this.
>Responding privately to keep traffic down is generally all well and to 
>the good.  But not when munching is involved! Many lists I am on 
>that any recipe mentioned must be posted to the list so as not to 
>anyone in salivating suspense or gustatory anticipation. Would I be 
>upsetting ancient traditon by proposing a similar standard on the 

I totally agree with Anne and being a reciepe hoarder myself I have
sitting here trying to figuare out in what proportions to mix those
ingredients to come up with something yummy.  Keilyn -  you got anyway
with no telling how to make fruit soup becuase of a "this is a secret if
you tell I will kill you promise" from its creator, it won't happen twice
now cough this one up (she stands on the tarvern table, one hand on a
hip, shaking her goblet in the other,  and a sarcastic grin across her

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