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Answers and Thanks....

Poster: "Fionna Neal" <fionna7@hotmail.com>

I replied a little earlier to the list but I think it got eaten by the 
Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to all of you for the incredible welcome.  
As to where I live...well --- interesting answer for that.  I am in 
Nebraska right now...may soon be in Florida.  I've just about achieved 
gypsy status!  Not sure where I'll go next...or end up for that matter 
As for my interests...and let me say at this point that I'm not 
currently a memeber of the SCA but wouldn't mind becoming so... I'm 
interested in: fighting, singing, dancing... (not necessarily in that 
order) and just generally having a merry good time!  I've always been 
interested in things historic.  I hope to go to school at some point and 
study archeo-anthropology.  
I'd like to extend a fond hello to all of you in Virginia... I lived in 
Centerville for several years. Lovely place!!
Well, that's about all I can think to say at this point.  I look forward 
to chatting with all of you - again - thanx for the generous welcome :-)
Fionna Niall
(That'll be the McNeal's of Barra...)

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