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Re: [Fwd: [Mid] How Talymar gave Ealdoremere back its name]

Poster: Scott Law <law@fluky.Mitre.org>

Tofi of AEthelmearc replied to several kingdoms...
>Poster: pwp@cs.cmu.edu
>Wilthain Westbram prefeces an "interesting" story with:
>< Thought this a story worthy of being shared ..... any more out there like it
>I'm sure that there are many such stories.  But I'd rather not hear
>obviously one-sided tales of old-time politics from other kingdoms.
>(Here's a hint: I was _there_ for some of the tale H.G. Garlanda told.
>We were both fairly new to the society, and neither of us were
>"players" in this drama.  I'm _sure_ that I don't know all the facts
>on this.  And frankly, it was long enough ago (circa a.s. XX) that it
>no longer matters.)

  Since it was the history-teaches-us-nothing attitude was brought up, 
I will pass on this post from this from one of the players.


P.S. I am not on either AEthelmaerc's or East's listserver, so please 
flame me privately, if you feel you must.  Atlantians may feel free to
flame me in the manner that seems most appropiate.

---------------------------- Forward from Middle --------------------------------------

The monarch who gave us permission to use the name the first time around
was Good Queen Fern.

Without naming names or dragging up details, the really bad part about
the forbidding of the name was that the Crown did it without checking
with any peer or baron or baroness in the affected area (their natural
advisors, pledged in fealty to give counsel), to see if the problem the
Crown perceived was as serious as the Crown thought it was.  Nor were
the regional officers consulted.  Indeed, most of us here were entirely
unaware that there was a problem before the Crown struck us down (and
that's how it felt.)  A lot of Ealdormerian patriots were born that day.

I bring this up because I think that it's something future monarchs
should keep in mind.  Don't do this.  Talk to people before you act.

---------------------------- Forward from Middle --------------------------------------
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