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Fw: Crass Comercial Announcement

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

Passing on some information for those interested .

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From: Deanna Devitt <ddevitt@kendaco.telebyte.com>
To: sca-west@galaxy.csuchico.edu <sca-west@galaxy.csuchico.edu>
Date: Tuesday, December 02, 1997 12:17 AM
Subject: Crass Comercial Announcement


I am an An Tirian merchant who finally got her web page up and
running.  I have probably met many of you at Estrella War the past couple of
years and hope to see you this year at the GWW.

I make and sell etched circlets in many patterns.  I also
sell goods from Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

Currently, the page has all the circlet patterns and some very nice
brass drinking cups from Afghanistan.  Soon to be up will be tribal
and other jewelry, real silk burkas (the cover ups muslin ladies wear
when in public), some outstanding wall hangings made from re-claimed
embroidered clothing and a bargain section that will include kilm rugs
among other things.   Come see what we have at:


Yours in Service,
Inga Calle

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