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Fw: [Mid] From TRM concerning Prince Jafar (fwd)

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

Just asking a prayer for a fellow SCAdian


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>Forwarded from the Midrealm Mailing list.
>  Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 00:42:44 -0500 (EST)
>  From: palymar@iquest.net
>  To: sca-middle@dnaco.net
>  Subject: [Mid] From TRM concerning Prince Jafar
>  Unto the Good Gentles that frequent this bridge come greetings from
>  Palymar and Aislinn, King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom,
>  It is with guarded optimism that We send these words.
>  His Royal Highness, Prince Jafar, has taken seriously ill.
>  He is currently in intensive care and in critical but stable condition.
>  He is currently on a respirator, antibiotics and heavily sedated.
>  While He is not out of danger at this time, there is every reason
>  to believe that He will make a complete recovery.  Her Highness has
>  been by His side since He was admitted late Sunday night.  The doctors
>  have determined that the cause is a strain of streptococcus bacteria
>  that has attacked several organs including His liver and kidneys. Even in
>  the best case, He will not likely be out of the hospital until after
>  the New Year.
>  Her Highness asks that people send good thoughts and prayers His way.
>  If you are in the Indianapolis area over the next couple of days and
>  wish to stop by to visit, please contact Us directly at Our e-mail
>  address and We will supply you with the necessary information.
>  We remain in Service to the Midrealm,
>  Palymar                    Aislinn
> _________________________________________________________________

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