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Re: The Teutonic Order

Poster: seareach@juno.com (Bonnie  a Hindle)

	Some really nice person who is probably sorry he asked wrote:
>What is
>> > >> Teutonic Order of the Dragon?
	Lady Kat wrote:
>> > More specifically, it's a household which is located within the 
>> > the Shire of Cathanar but does not associate with the local group,
>except at
>> > times to attend events.  They travel a lot, though, and you'll 
>> > them at fighting events.  They wear white tabards with a black
>> > cross.  
	Lord Jonathan wrote:
>[The Teutonic Order, or the Little Teutonic Knights, as they are 
>known, tend to be centered around (Fayetteville?  Wilmington?  Can't
>remember) and they're a household
	Lady Alesia now writes:
M'Lord Jonathan and anyone else interested here is your Coast of NC group
geography lesson.  
	The Teutons, although a fairly nice bunch don't really play
anywhere locally.  They are geographically located in the Shire of
Cathanar (Morehead City, Cherry Point, Havelock and outward locations). 
They, as Lady Kat (Seneschal of Cathanar) pointed out do not "play"
locally.  They do attend our events (Seareach - Wilmington), just because
I think we are close, but as far as I know they hold no loyalties with
any local group and to a great extent exist outside the influences of the
Shires on the coast.  We invite them to as much as we can when the
Eastern Marsh gets together but they, partly because of their lack of
local participation, sometimes do not attend.  
	You have to understand out here in on the coast, we, the local
groups, are very much on our own, or at least that is how we feel. Local
participation or lack there of by any significant number of people (and I
mean 4 or 5 here, when your group only numbers in the 20s, 4 or 5 is a
lot ) can make or break your group if not literally through morale alone.
 So if Lady Kat or myself display a little frustration of the issue of
the Teutonic Order that is why.  

Lady Alesia Gillefalyn
Seneshcal for the Shire of Seareach (Wilmington, NC)
House Wylde Rose
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